William Hicks Masonry

William Hicks passed away on November 11, 2018.
His creations are monuments to his achievements.
Friends and Passersby: Like Uncle Ned, I have hung up the shovel and the hoe.  This site is now a remembrance of a lot of wonderful hard work over about 25 years.  Time do fly.                            -- Fiddlin' Bill
Bill Hicks, stone mason
Stone masonry for the Triangle area of North Carolina since 1986
Chapel Hill - Carrboro - Pittsboro - Chatham County - Orange County
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WHAT YOU'RE SEEING: I do stone work in three different structural genres--thin veneer, thick veneer, and solid stonework

Bill shot a video of the barn raising on his latest masonry site! Vollrath Barn Raising on YouTube
Special pages with start to finish project views


Repairing brick porch

Outside wall with steps

Inside chimney face
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December 1, 2018

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