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solid stonework

Wall, Steps and Path, 206 Maple St
first phase | second phase | third phase

(First phase) I incorporated a couple of old granite curbstones into the sides of the steps.  The pictures were taken as backfilling was happening.  The wall's about two feet high at the chimney end and runs about 30 feet in length.  The stone comes from Scott Sand and Stone and is called "Salem," a weathered sandstone from Pennsylvania, I think.

(Second phase) Below are two pictures of a second wall added to the design.  The kind of stone is "shiloh sandstone," from Scott Sand and Stone, Mebane, NC.  It is drystack style, not veneer.

(Third phase) In the third phase we made a path of cut stone slabs 36"X18" laid directly into "Chapel Hill gravel" and set at a repeating offset of 5".  The stone is called  "sawn Plumb thick" at Scott Stone in Mebane, our supplier, and is about 3" thick--strong enough not to require a footing.

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