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thin veneer (crab orchard porch flagging)

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The Overholts had a brick porch that had sunk from its original position.  Turned out the slab had sunk from end to end under the bricks.  Click on any image on this page for a larger version.  Use your browser's back button to return.
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Turned out the original slab installer had hung all the rebar that tied the slab to the house in a series of half inch holes about an eighth of an inch from the bottom of a skirt board.  The rebar never touched the foundation where it was supposed to go, it just was hung in the board.  Strangely, the board didn't hold the weight of 33' X 5' X4" of poured concrete.  They just don't make boards like they used to.  So I placed new rebar above the old stubs, but resting on top of the foundation this time, tied the new pieces to the old stubs, ran two lengths of rebar down the slab perpendicular to these "hangers," and tied it all together with wire.
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overholt_secondpour.jpg (71277 bytes)
Then I mixed and poured concrete to encase the new rebar.  Then I installed flashing above the first pour, and poured more conrete on top of the flashing.  Now the old sunken slab was locked in place and I had raised it approximately to its correct initial location relative to the brick surround.  We then chose to replace the brick field of the porch with a crab orchard sand stone field.  Click on any image on this page for a larger version.  Use your browser's back button to return.
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I finish up the second pour (lots of views of the mason in this position), and peruse the awaiting stone substrate. 
overholt_firstday.jpg (117867 bytes)overholt_fitting.jpg (67959 bytes)overholt_mixing.jpg (136370 bytes)overholt_secondday.jpg (77839 bytes)
 The stone goes down--two days worth.
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This is the last of the stone work except for the pointing (filling the joints), which I'll do on a separate day and all at once so the color will match.  We saved the big stone at the upper left for a special, noticeable place near the entryway.  Notice how the brick surround gives me a nice reference using the 4' level.
overholt_allbutthepointing1.jpg (81226 bytes)
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Two views, from opposite ends of the porch, of the whole thang.  Sheesh it's hot!  Where's the beer?
 overholt_pointed.jpg (93125 bytes)The joints are all filled.
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