The Liberal Media Conspiracy is everywhere...

I got it off a thread in a political site yesterday, and I don't have a clue who wrote it.  --Bill Hicks

I know this whole Liberal Media Conspiracy thing is true because a whole bunch of people on TV and the Radio and in Print and on the Internet told me it was true. If Rush and O'Reilly and Hannity and Savage and Coulter and a long list of other people in the media tell me the media is bad, I have to believe it.

It's obvious Liberals control ALL media, except for that large news network with the smirking conservative point of view or the other large news network that carries Scarborough and O'Reilly and the largest radio network in the nation (the name of which should be Clear to you) or that newspaper owned by the Moonies. Or the large movie studio/network company that refused to distribute ‘Fahrenheit 911’ (what a Mickey Mouse thing to do). Other than that it's a total Liberal media conspiracy. Except for one of the most widely available syndicated talk shows, Rush Limbaugh. And except for the majority of all talk radio stations in the nation. Except for THOSE things, ALL the media is controlled by Liberals. This total Liberal control of the media is too much, I hear about it every time I watch the TV or hear the Radio or read the Washington Times or the Wall Street Journal. Because of this constant repetition in the media, I know the Liberal Media Conspiracy is true.

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