Late Nite FDL: Uncle Tomís Closet
By TRex

I don't want to steal even a smidgen of Firedoglake's thunder by reposting this great article by T Rex, but it's absolutely a must read!  The soft underbelly of this Administration is exposed.  Here's the first paragraph:

The administration whose new spokesman canít even define what a civil right is has reaffirmed its support of the Federal Marriage Amendment today.  And I say, thank god, given the reality of the threat to Americaís wholesome, heterosexual marriages posed by the Gay Agenda.  "Marriage in this country is under attack!" shrieks Bill Frist and the Rightards come running.  I personally know several otherwise happily married straight couples whose marriages have been brutally attacked by packs of raving Activist Judges in the last few weeks alone. This real and present danger to our way of life must be stopped at once.
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--Bill Hicks

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