Photos of Jimmy Day from Winnie Winston's website
Jimmy Day, Nashville, 1974. Photo by Kathleen Sullivan. (Back)
Jimmy Day and Willie Nelson, circa 1955. Unknown source. (Back)

Winnie Winston captioned this photo, "St. Louis, 1993. Tom Morrell, Jimmy, me (standing), Mike Perlowin, Herb Steiner. On the table is a bottle of Faberge Brut - Marilyn brought it out to show because I designed the bottle at my first design job in NYC." (Back)
The Fender Booth at the DJ convention, 1957. From left: Jimmy Day, Johnie Siebert, Jerry Byrd, Leon McAuliffe, Sonny Burnette, Speedy West, Buddy Emmons, Don Helms, Bob White, Bob Foster. Seated: Linda Reilly, Don Worden, Blanche (last name unknown). (Back)
St. Louis 1974. Winnie Winston, Marilyn, and Jimmy. (Back)
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