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solid stonework, dry-laid
concrete and rubble in the interior to make it solid

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Jean Vollrath Weaving Cabin Chimney
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Bill's blog entry "Last Day" upon finishing this two-chimney project.
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Watch the video of the barn raising on YouTube
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Bill at work.
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December...the chimney is now
more visible, as it's winter, and
there isn't the leafy frame
Pluck Chimney

This is a second chimney, the interior part, which will be an arched opening rather than the squared off one as in the first chimney. The next step is to build the interior of the alcove, and install the steel plate that will form the top of the alcove--which will save a lot of time and money.  Then I'll be back to building the stone--and hopefully first thing done will be to close off the inside, building up to top of the opening, where the logs start.  The second chimney is called the Pluck Chimney, because the building used to be the post office at Pluck, NC, a little cross roads near where I live that no longer exists except in a few memories. Mrs. Vollrath's husband acquired the building, tore it down, moved it, and rebuilt it where it now stands.

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"Last Day"
Read Bill's blog entry "Last Day" upon finishing this two-chimney project
(Scroll down the linked page a little.)
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Watch the video of the barn raising on YouTube

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