Between Bill & Libby gigs, Bill Hicks solos his original songs, accompanied not by his legendary fiddle, but by both electric and acoustic guitars.  (Old-timers, hold your snow cones.)  One night he entertained the crowd at The Cave in Chapel Hill while over on the side, Rick Ramirez of Temple Ball Productions had set up his equipment to record.  The result - Bill's solo CD The Perfect Gig - can be yours.  Write Bill for info.
Bill Hicks
The Cave
November 14, 2001
(recording The Perfect Gig)

(pics by 
Bren Overholt)

The last time I caught a Bill Hicks solo gig, he divided his show into songs about wars and women.  In Bill’s latest set list, the women still have their place in the sweet “Polar Bears” and the new-old-fashioned “By Half.”  “Her 50th" isn’t as old as it used to be.  Bill draws his listeners into the power of his lyrics with “Were They Happy” (or just smiling?) and “Rain Day” contrasting “be leaving you” with “believe in you.” “Senorita de la Launderia” segues into Bill's version of beach music.  Who was that "S.O.B. in the Carvel Truck"?  "Beguiled" wanders the french curves of the ocean.  “Wet July” and “Noir Bubble” are sassy and jazz-flavored while “Water Lights” dreams and shines in the night.

Bill’s war songs have worked their way into performances with wife Libby.  Replacing them, he has written a fine collection of “bar” songs.  Rambler fans remember Bill’s response to the request to “Play ‘Rocky Top’” back on Chuckin’ the Frizz, and the snappy solo version here is delightful.  “Exposure” will pay the band, right?  Two from the B&L CD South of Nowhere, “Island Rockers” finds your ex in the bar, and “Uncle Charlie’s Revenge” sips the ‘simmon punch.  The witty “Last Call” combines millennium fears with reincarnation.  Bill’s shows are a “Perfect Gig” - philosophy and drunks trained by hand - with coffee on the patio for four.  Sophocles, anyone?

...Bren, November, 2001
(these songs are on The Perfect Gig)

Bill's Home Masonry Home
February 3, 2010